Business Culture Audit

A one stop shop!

Annie has developed a business culture audit which is a one off piece of work that evidences how businesses can improved their productivity and performance by understanding just what the issues are that affect staff.

Split into 4 sections the audit covers:-

  • Suitability and comfort of the workplace
  • Relationship between staff and managers
  • Personal development needs of the workforce
  • The last section can be designed to fit any specific needs of the organisation.

All staff complete an online questionnaire. The results are analysed and a short set of interview questions produced. A percentage of staff are then interviewed to allow for areas that may need developing to be more fully understood.

Annie then produces a full evidenced based report giving conclusions and recommendations for short, medium and long terms goals for the business in relation to supporting their staff.

Annie recently witnesses a management incident involving about 10 minutes of management time. By getting it wrong the manager had subject the business to potentially £3000 loss in terms of reduced staff efficiency and motivation.

The time taken to prevent this was about 15 seconds, yes, 15 seconds. The cost of getting it right? 12 pence!

Can you afford to get it wrong?